Classroom Procedure

Communication is essential for a successful school year. There are many ways in which we will communicate this year.  The best ways to reach me are through a note in your child’s folder or through email.  I do my best to respond within 24 hours.  My email is

Red Daily Folder
o Your child will bring home his/her homework in this folder each night. 
o Any papers that have been checked and sent to leave at home will go home in the keep at home side of this folder. 
o You can write me a note and send it in your child’s folder. If you write a note in the folder, please remind your child to show this to me, as well.

Class Blog- The class blog will give you important information about what is coming up in the week or month, as well as giving you information about what we learned during that time.  This will be updated frequently throughout the year.

Dismissal- If your child’s afternoon plans differ from his/her regular routine, it is necessary for you to send a note explaining the changes in the routine or call the office and they will notify me of any changes.  If I do not receive a note, then I am required to send your child home as regularly scheduled. The change in dismissal must come before 3:00pm each day

Your child needs to read 10-20 minutes each night.  Your child may read alone or to an adult.  I strongly encourage you having your child read aloud to you at least a couple times a week. It will also help your child to develop a use of expression and feeling comfortable reading aloud.

Your child needs to record his/her reading on the reading log.  Your child can record the reading each and every time they read.

Math Homework- Another aspect of our homework is playing math games that support our Investigations math curriculum.  These give the opportunity for the children to practice what they’ve learned in class.  Look for materials that might include game boards and cards.  Please create a place to keep these materials.   Your child will need them throughout the year.  

If math homework/ game is taking a LONG time for your child to complete, please STOP and write a note to your child’s teacher.  The math homework shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes at the most.

Curriculum Information

Reading- Students will their knowledge of letter sounds to make sense of unknown words by decoding each word.  Students will use what they have read in a book to understand the Who, What, When, Where, and Whys about each book they read.  We will continue to build their reading independence and reading stamina throughout the year.

Writing will focus on writing opinion pieces, personal narratives and informative texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. Each piece we write may not go completely through the writing process. We will write several pieces and then the students will decide on which piece they would like to publish.  

Mathematics – Focus on showing and explaining all your math thinking, composing and decomposing numbers and problem solving

Science & Social Studies will be integrated as much as possible with reading and writing to explore these new topics. 
Snack& Water Bottles 

Students may bring a healthy, nutritional, “brain food” snack to school to eat mid-afternoon.   This helps their focus and stamina stay strong until the end of the day. We would love to have any extra donations of pre-wrapped snacks to share with those that may forget snack and be hungry. PLEASE NO FOODS CONTAINING PEANUTS!!

Also include a labeled water bottle each day.  This eliminates the need to leave the classroom for drinks.  Students may bring only water, not juice or other drinks.  Students may use the bathroom as needed.  During instructional time we may encourage students to try and wait, unless it is an emergency.

Birthday Treats
 If you would like to send a special treat to school to help celebrate your child’s birthday, please feel free to do so.  It would be helpful if you would give me a day’s notice, as our schedule tends to fill up quickly.  Please attempt to make the snack a healthy choice. If you choose a sweet snack, please make sure it is an appropriate portion size. (Please no cupcakes as big as my head).  Students may choose to celebrate their half-birthday with the class if they have a summer birthday.

Appropriate Dress
 When it is your child’s turn for P.E. they need to have tennis shoes in order to participate.
**Children will be playing outside during the day, so please keep this in mind, as well as our rapidly changing Colorado weather.  Please help your child dress appropriately and come prepared for the weather.